Shakespeare in Italy

Shakespeare in Italy seeks to enhance experience and international understanding of the works of Shakespeare and in particular appreciation of the influence of the Italian Renaissance, culture and philosophers on all his writing.

The Company aims to explore this with actors and artists through performance in the UK, Italy and beyond, as well as via a programme of education and outreach.

Shakespeare in Italy was founded by two former Royal Shakespeare Company actors, Julian Curry and Mary Chater in association with the Italian theatre manager, Sandro Pascucci.  Their aim was to create opportunities to explore - through performance and workshops with people young and old – the important influence of Italian culture on Shakespeare and his writing. 

The Company is now working to form permanent relationships with theatres both in the United Kingdom and Italy.  It also plans to work with British and Italian educational institutions and community groups, particularly those for whom English is their second language. 


The Shakespeare in Italy leader worked with third and fourth year students at Urbino University. She helped them write songs and short scenes to encourage children in the schools in which they would be working to approach language learning in a more physical, movement orientated way. Some of the work students did on scenes from A Midsummer Night's Dream was extremely good and the creativity they showed when writing their own sketches was remarkable.
Rowena Coles, Professor of English at Urbino University

I think everything was arranged perfectly and the environment was both professional and friendly.
Marcello Bessone, Italy


May 19th - All Day
Summer School May 19 — June 2 Pizzo Calabro, Calabria, Italy


Merchant of Venice Teachers Workshop

A workshop on The Merchant of Venice for teachers of English.


'From Hamlet to Halifax.' Temple Church on Sun Nov 12th, our first fundraising for the new acting company

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