Posted by: admin February 26th, 2017

Two Gents at Bristol Old Vic Theatre School

Revival for Shakespeare in Italy?

The production opened last night.

The cast performed with clarity and intensity spiced with wit which is the perfect combination of qualities for this strange early play of Shakespeare's.

It was surprisingly funny in places, largely, I think because they had really taken to heart my injunction not to try to be funny. A large part of Shakespeare's genius is the subtle combining of humour and sadness and it is evident even in this first attempt at realistic comedic drama.

Eleanor's set worked brilliantly and Anisha's costumes were the perfect enhancement for some very good character work from the cast, who were a lovely company with a huge sense of fun and an abundance of creative energy.

It would be great to revive the production for Shakespeare in Italy!

Bill Alexander (Director)

THE TWO GENTLEMEN OF VERONA by students at The Bristol Old Vic Theatre School.

Photography credit HIDE THE SHARK