Our Reach Out and Education programme is an integral part of our work. It offers exciting opportunities to explore the place of Shakespeare’s stories in today’s world and has been devised by experienced artists and practitioners to enrich and creatively transform lives.

The programme can be delivered in a variety of settings, to groups and individuals based on their needs and situations.

The content can be linked to the main productions featuring our unique and dynamic approach to staging —a fusion of European dramatic styles.

Our methods emphasise active physical learning with music, games, rhymes, songs and putting scenes on their feet.

We deliver projects around a central theme to bring communities together, run workshops, devise pieces of theatre for performance in less traditional settings and bring theatre direct to the people.

In the summer of 2017, we developed a project in Peterborough called ‘Alien's Order’ linked to themes from ‘The Merchant of Venice’. It was made possible following our successful application to the Arts Council for our first grant. The central idea was the experience of migrant Italians living in the UK after WW2, many of whom had to register for an identification card called Alien's Order. Portia refers to the word in the court scene  -  “if it be proved against an alien”.

We held workshops involving people of all ages at an Italian community centre, in primary schools, at the City Museum and with a language school.

A local writer produced six short pieces of theatre which were staged at a two-day open air festival in the city. We partnered with local organisations including Metal, who champion the need for investment in artistic innovation and provide practical support to practising artists.